THE MOON is a surreal comedy/thriller about poetry and dating and sinister, arcane forces. It’s a “movie for the mind” written in screenplay format, and I just know you’re gonna love it.

It’s in two parts, or 36 little episodes.

So you’ve got two options here – if you want to mainline it (option one), then click on the “single PDF” images just below to read them as two big files. Each one is around 200 pages, so the perfect thing for a lazy afternoon’s reading.

The Moon, Part One (as a single PDF)

THE MOON, Part Two (as a single PDF)

THE MOON, Part One (Episode by Episode)

If on the other hand you want the original Moon experience (this is option 2), you can read the story in bite-sized episodes. Episodes are usually between 10 and 20 pages long, the perfect thing for a coffee break.

NB: the hyperlinks for this option are on the captions, not the images.

THE MOON, Part Two (Episode by Episode)

Once again, click on the picture captions to go through to episode pages. Clicking on the images takes you nowhere. Sorry, that’s just how the WordPress “gallery” widget works.

THE MOON, Dramatis Personae

Sometimes even I find it hard to tell these freaks apart.

As episodes and characters keep piling up, you might find it useful to refer to this attractively-formatted PDF to keep everyone straight in your head. Click on the image to open, or follow this link.

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