THE MOON, Episode Five

This next episode is called “smells great”. It lives on the other side of this image (so click):

Or else use this link.

If this is your first time visiting the Moon, congratulations – you’ve found your way into another obscure corner of the internet. You’ll probably want to read the earlier episodes first though. They are here:
Episode One – i don’t have cats
Episode Two – “ten seconds”
Episode Three – a life of crime
Episode Four – dangerous world

For this episode’s soundtrack I had a really fine piece of music picked out, a track from A Small Good Thing’s album The Pink and Purple World of Dishonesty. Get this: the album itself is a soundtrack to a novel manuscript which was never published. All unpublished writers should be so lucky!

Problem is, the piece (“Peepshow Eccentriques”) doesn’t exist on Spotify or Youtube, so I’m unsure how I can share it with you. Sorry.

So let’s do this one instead:

Sometimes I like to put this track on and then just slowly, slowly unfocus my eyes.

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